Super Snack Mix


  • 100gm
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The super snack mix from Vaidyakart is a mixture of Pistachio, Almond, cashew, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, cucumber seeds, Raisin, walnut, Fig, dates, Pumpkin seeds, sesame, Flaxseeds, peanut, Apricot. This can be eaten as a snack or in between the meals so as to overcome the hunger. It also offers a wide range of health benefits to your body

➤ Vegan

➤ 0 Trans fat

➤ 0 cholesterol

➤ No artificial colours added


  • Rich in nutrients
  • Energy Snack
  • Healthy alternative for cravings

The super snack mix is rich in Vitamins, Manganese, Zinc, Fibre, Protein, Omega 3 an Omega 6 etc. This is ideal for health-conscious people who wish to maintain their weight. Having this will give an energy boost and help with getting the right amount of nutrition which is needed to a maintain a healthy life.

Other Benefits

  • Ideal for maintaining weight
  • Helps to maintain brain health
  • Helps to maintain immunity
  • Improves bone health

Direction of use– Can be used as a snack

Caution-Keep in a cool and dry place



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